Why use Symbols...
Using symbols are very beneficial for allowing a safe place to
dialogue with your emotions...
They allow you to step outside of yourself to explore the possibilities for getting
the information you may be seeking for resolution and release.
They become a very important part of the journey.
I have provided a few that will explain how I use them to process emotions.
You may use these to start and then go on to interpret you own.
What does this mean?
Into the Open

When one begins to step into the waters of their river...
They begin to look behind the shadows of their heart.
The shadows behind the heart, hold the sorrow.
The waters hold the emotions.

The Wisdom...
Is to bring the energy, sorrow, interpretation or emotion, out from behind the
Out and around, into the open.
The Crane
Is a symbol of a solitary creature that can stand alone on one leg in
non-resistance, within the
current of the River.
It requires very little to sustain its existence, but occasionally seeks out the
deliberate choice for a life long mate to compliment
its life and purpose.
The River
Symbol of the waters of the River, which holds
the emotions.
The Rolling
Symbolizes the "Energy" one would need to move the interpretation out
from behind the heart or shadows of the imagination, into the open. If the
waters or energy are stagnate or not moving, they
do not support life in a healthy way.
The Magnolia
The Magnolia... Is the symbol that reminds one to live and
breath. Or the love of life,  purpose and True Identity in Spirit they
seek to return to. The Returning to True Spirit, out of the Realm of
Separation. (Deceptive Belief System).
The Weeping Willow
Is the symbol  along the River, that
releases the
"Tears From Those Years".
A very important moment during
the releasing of the sorrow behind
the heart.
Are "Obstructions" that occur along the way that need to be removed before you can
continue your River Journey.
Obstructions are "welcomed" opportunities for Clarity, Restoration, Truth and Wisdom.
Tap Away About
The Rapids
Our Program
Look over the material that Bear and I have provided.
If you are interested in participating and rendering our
services, this is the routine we have waiting for you...

Physical Preparation...
Body Network Cleansing
with the products we suggest.
Sessions with Pam will involve...
~ Emotional Cleansing ~
Releasing and Restoration
Sessions with Bear will involve...
Physical and Energetic
Resetting and Restrengthening
of your
Body's Best Potential
We use the most precise and efficient
methods for releasing and harnessing the
most you can be, Emotionally, Physically
and Spiritually. We guide you through this
process of releasing and restoring what is
missing from you realizing your
dreams, desires and goals.
All functions of the body must be
respected and in harmony
with each other, in order for them to be
truly efficient...

~ Realize ~
You have been carrying around emotional
congestion that can be affecting your
Life, Choices and Health...
~ Release ~
Environmental and Physiological Waste
and Toxins
A Lifetime of Emotional Baggage
~ Restore ~
Your Body's Physical Optimum
Energy Levels
Inner Strength and Power...
An Awakening and Returning to your
True Identity, Purpose and Spirit
Click onto the...
Tap Away
"Audio" Manual Site
Tap Away is the manual site for reviewing and
understanding the Tool Techniques used for preparing
yourself with
The Rolling River Process of Restoration...
Using The
The Rolling River
A Restoration Process of the Heart...
Bring the energy
out from behind the
and interpretation into the
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