Life Coaching Services
You are the most important part of reconnecting and returning
to your true identity in spirit!
You were created and born out of true, radiant and vibrant spirit. You chose the most
perfect situation to bring you into remembrance of this reality. But over time you became
influenced by layers of experiences and beliefs that lowered your energetic vibration and
radiance, which is your given right to remember and return to.
Your "EGO" (the self), leads and wants you to be disconnected from your true spirit. It
does not want you to be happy and in peace. It will disturb and disrupt at any given
moment, to have its way with you.
Our Belief systems aren't particularly choosy what we give them to hold, good or bad.

Online Coaching Sessions
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Sessions by Appointment Only
Phone:  330-881-5506
Mineral Ridge, Ohio

Session Services
Life Coaching
Active Listening
Belief Transformation
The Rolling River
(Emotional Freedom Technique)
Past and Present Life Transformation
Intuitive Writing
Muscle Response Testing
(Age Identification Technique)
Photo Mapping
Dream Symbology Identification

~ Speaking Engagements Upon Request ~
Individual Sessions
$50.00 an Hour
Pamela Burcsak
Life Performance Coach
EFT Practitioner, CC-ADV
Energy Psychology Coach
Certified Lymphatic Reboundologist
~ Disclaimer ~
You are responsible for your choices in life. Please make them wisely.
And of this I must proclaim...
That we are not  Psychologist's, Psychiatrist's, nor Physician's, and in no
way are the services of
Myself or the resources of this Site, intended to diagnose, treat or impose
any service
beyond a state of mind intended for Relaxation or Self Help.
There for, we must ask that all clients maintain their own responsibility for
their choices in their lives
and above all seek the counsel of their Medical/Emotional/Shelter providers,
making any choices, concerning their Wellness, associated with any
services or resources
obtained through this site.
The term "Wellness" or "Well Within", are purely a general term that does
not in any way
refer to the application of any Medical or Mental Sciences, beyond what the
Laws of the
Land and Human, Heavenly Spirit allow.
Available for
Speaking Engagements
concerning the subjects of...
The Positive Benefits
Negative Obstructions
The Restoration Process of
The Rolling River
The Rolling River
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