Mat Chi
Of all of the many reasons we use
the mat, keeping the spine open
and connected to the mind is one of
the most important reasons.
Keeping our energy on the move as
well as the toxins held within the
body that need always be on the
move. Tai Chi is body art in motion
with countless health benefits for
bringing the mind and spine into a
greater alignment with Body/Mind
peace. Bringing Tai Chi to the mat
would be a most natural movement
once the spine, Heaven to Earth
has stabilized and found its center,
all of which occurs within the first
phase of rebounding. Incorporating
a series of selective moves that give
you a greater interest and versatility
in your workouts, only enhances
your experience and overall result.
How many ways can we use the
little black mat to improve our lives.
So far, I haven't found the end of
the possibilities!
Chi Movement with the Mat...
Tai Chi has come now together with
the Little Black Mat!
The Dance of the Crane...
Is Coming Soon!
Energy, Breath and Movement are important physical elements of motivating the body to thrive and respond away from
unrealized thinking and unmanaged stress in an over stimulated world, long forgotten of the principals that would
bring positive life results.
                   The symbol of The Crane is a very special favorite of
                 mine of all the symbols that I work with. It is a symbol of
                 the independent creature that stands alone on one leg
                 in the waters of the river, against all odds, against all
                 currents. It is quietly self sufficient and reliant. When it   
                 comes to identity and relationship with its mate, the
                 mating ritual of their dance, is one of the loveliest of all
                 species. She does not wait to become whole by their union,
                 she already is...As is he.
      Then the dance can truly begin!

How Do We Find This Place?
Return from the Realm of Deception.
Make whole once again what is deficient and lazy.
Don't settle for the side effects of what is delusion.
Prepare for returning to the contentment of knowing.

The Mat
Ok...What does the Mat have to do with all of this.
It is the place to begin to become centered and strong. To begin to
prepare the body and mind to reconnect the spine to the mind again.
This allows the nervous system to produce a fluid, flowing connection to
the other elements of the body systems.
For the body systems to begin communicating well with each other again,
without the burden of being disturbed and obstructed.
Health Management in Full Body Motion!

This is the Energy...The Chi.
The Beginning of learning the Dance!
Weightless Training
You know what it feels like to stand or run on the hard
surface of the ground. To feel the security of something
beneath your feet. You have become
accustomed to its stability.
If you are athletic, you have trained this way.
What is it like to train on a weightless surface?
You no longer have the feeling and security of the hard
surface. Now you must get centered and stronger to
return to what is familiar.
You must retrain your body to feel secure once again.
When you were once in the womb you had this place.
It was what was familiar.
It is like a return to the womb.
A place that was once safe and secure.
Your bodies systems were speaking very well to each
other then, absent of the distractions you have
accumulated today, along with the programming you
have imposed on your spine, mind and heart.
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