1.   What is Lympha-Sizing?

2.   What happens when we lose our breath or energy?

3.   Why is that?

4.   What part of the body does Lympha-Sizing affect?

5.   What does the Lymphatic System have to do with being out of breath and energy?

6.    What kind of movement is best?

7.    Is this a form of Natural Detoxification?

8.    What happens when the cells reach a "Dry State"?

9.    How does this affect the rest of the body?

10.  What is one of the most important results of Lympha-Sizing?

11. Is there a special formula for becoming "In Breath"?

12.  What do you need to get started?

13.  Is it also recommended to cleanse the colon, blood and liver as well as the lymphatic system?
Answer:    .

14.  Can your clients find these items on your website?

15.  Is coaching support available?

16. Why is "Breathing" so important?

17. Again, where can all of the items be found?
The RFL First Phase
Cleansing Combo and
Cleansing Combo with
Coach, offer basic support
for the first  phase of the
RFL rebounding program.
Click for more info...
Learn through
Questions and Answers
what  Lymphatic
Rebounding can do to
increase your health,
vitality and energy!
Unified Program
of Mind and Body
Health in Motion
Because we need to...
Breathe to energize
Breathe to restore
Breathe to calm
Breathe to balance
Breathe for optimal strength and power
Breathe for flexibility
Breathe for better concentration and focus
Breathe to get the most out of your workouts!
All of these reasons influence the results and outcome of any                    
personal change. If we go through the trouble to desire to change,             
we want the moves and energy we make and take to count!
Yes it is. With all RFL packages, there is hourly personal coaching support available. This is email, hourly
phone sessions and you can upload video for visual coaching and progress evaluation. Rebounding for
Life is a unified program of mind and body health in motion. If what you are looking for is more energy and
vitality, this stage is the beginning. RFL also is available for further personal improvements the person
wants to discover. But it is important to physically prepare and strengthen the body first before any further
life style changes are made. RFL also supports    the next unified stages of supplemental, nutritional,
emotional/mental life improvements the client decides to make.
Yes. The Ebook and cleansing products are easily found at:
A Good Return
It is the first stage of Natural Detoxification with the mini trampoline, that conditions
and prepares the body and person for renewed Mind/Body health and vitality.
Cleansing first, then restoration.
We are not getting direct oxygen to our cells as well as we could be.
Because our cells are swimming in fluids that are toxic. Oxygen has to swim through these toxic waters to
reach the cells.
Every cell and muscle in the body is influenced from the benefits of bouncing daily on the mini trampoline.
The Lymphatic System is like a tree with many branches throughout our body. It is the waste management
system that carries what the body no longer can use or absorb. But unfortunately the Lymphatic System
does not have a pump of its own and moves very slowly. We have to move to move these toxic                     
waters away from our body. The longer our cells are surrounded by these toxic waters, the more it diminishes
the quality of their ability to restore as they should. Before detoxification, this is called the "Wet State".
Vertical up and down movement, acts as a pump to move the lymphatic waters along. Movement on a "Zero
Gravity" surface is the best, to avoid stress and strain on lower body joints. The "Mini Trampoline" is the best
piece of equipment to simulate a "0" gravity surface.
Yes it is. In the first phase of Rebounding for Life, Lympha-Sizing is natural detoxification. A simple and
gentle way to release the waters, from their "Wet State" to a "Dry State".
Oxygen and Circulation can reach the cells directly, free and clear of toxic waters. The means you can exert,
exercise etc., without losing your breath. More Oxygen means more energy. When this mark of achievement
arrives somewhere within 30 days, you will know your body is cleared of its toxic fluids. When you can        
dismount from the mat and be as relaxed and "In" breath, as if you were relaxing in a chair reading a book.
In every way. Every cell is now in a much better position to receive oxygen and nutrition without having to
work so had at it. It can begin to become stronger and more prepared now to thrive.
You become "In Breath"! This means your cells are in their "Dry State" and your cells are getting enough
oxygen, which also means  your cells are now also "Taking Up" the nutrition and circulation more effectively.
Yes there is. I just released it in the Rebounding for Life, Endless Breath/Boundless Energy with
Lympha-Sizing Ebook. It covers the First Stage of learning the basics for gently and safely learning       
how to reach this stage. Its very simple, inexpensive and with the rising cost of health care today, the
fastest way to get on mat with your future health.
The Ebook along with the RFL Cleansing Combo with Coaching Support, a Mini Trampoline, and Distilled
Most definitely. All systems that collect toxins from the body need  to become free of the toxins that are     
collected from the body.
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Keep in Mind...
This is not aerobic exercise in
the first phase of lymphatic
rebounding, or learning how to
for your health and should not
be considered as exercise
(second phase), until one has
lymphatically detoxed.
It is only recommended that you
gain your instruction from a
qualified lymphatic
reboundologist, on how to
safely and properly be
introduced to its wonders and
benefits, insuring a positive life
long experience.
Here's to learning how to love
your breath along with your new
and much improved self!

Coach Pam
Endless Breath
Boundless Energy
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