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What should I eat, and where can
I find it?
The Atkins Shopping Guide contains everything you
must know to stock your pantry with the right foods.

With foods clearly arranged by category, this
indispensable handbook takes you aisle-by-aisle
through the supermarket, putting helpful
information at your fingertips.
This is a contact to the ebook version of the book.
Look around at places like too or
your local book store.
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Wilson Info Gifs and Animation
Home of some of most of the animated
graphics and menu generators on this site...
Real graphics with nothing attached to them and
honest information about a lot of different web stuff
I could understand!

~ Dr. Mike~


Zone Healing
The World's Most Beautiful People!

If Glenn Can Do it...ANYONE CAN!
The Power of Choice!
• Motivational Speaker • Leadership Training • Keynote Speaker •
•Personal Development • Self Improvement • Professional Speaker •
•Business Coach • Public Speaker • Public Speaking Coach and Teacher •
Drink Alkaline water
from Ion Ways.
Powerful antioxidant effect! Superior
More Oxygen!
Welcome to Arlene Arnold's
Ion Ways Web Site
Naturally...Re-align the Body with Lympha-Sizing!

A series of video's that introduce the concept and science of
"Bouncing" by Stephen West, son of Dr. C. Samuel West, who
developed the Art of Lympha-Sizing."Rebounding" as we know it
today, was derived from the work and dedication of Dr. C.
Samuel West. I use this term, respectively in his honor...This
relatively new science, reveals what man must do to
self-manage, mentally, physically and nutritionally, to move fluids
that contain the blood proteins away from the body.  With the
Lymphatic System ill equipped for circulating these waste
waters and proteins on its own, it is the up and down "Vertical
Movement" of "Bouncing" that generates the body to release the
waste and detoxify. Life and Death are both apart of the blood
stream. The blood stream carries the oxygen and nutrition to
every cell in our bodies. But, disobedience to the Laws of Health
will trap these blood proteins around the cells, block the
circulation, upset the chemical balance in the cells, and produce
the conditions that can cause, loss of energy, disease and
death. Don't wait till your body reaches a state of crises to
attempt to trigger the reversal of these avoidable situations. The
"Art of Lymphology", is to not wait until the generator's can no
longer respond...

Then it's too late!

"The Art of Lympha-Sizing", can begin to activate the process of
"Dis-ease Reversal"...
Much more effective than wishing it would go away, excepting
your fate or giving up and symptomatically covering up the real
Fire up those generator's that are in each cell!

"Formula's for Health" that will change your Life!
For a more in depth
course study on
Blood Protein Research
developed by
Dr. C. Samuel West
The International
Academy of Lymphology
About Gini Maddocks
Gini Maddocks, BA, LMT began teaching stress management
first as a social worker and later as a licensed medical
massage therapist. She is now an award winning author,
educator, columnist and speaker. She has developed and
branded, R&R: Rescue and Relief™, a program which
includes self-care techniques for all walks of life...
Buy Essential Oils
Frankincense essential oil
Buy Natural Makeup
Natural Cosmetics
Theatons Toys
Welcome to Theatons Toys
Theatons Toys are based in Warwickshire, UK, where
we hand craft specialist mind development toys for
adults. Similar to the latest craze, Big Brain Academy
for the Wii, Theatons create toys aimed at helping
sharpen adults' minds and help stimulate intellectual
development in the young.                                       
Stress Reduction Basics
The Most Complete Stress Reduction Guide Available Online
A magazine leading the industry in health and fitness!
The best free community publication this
side of the Mississippi! Check it out!
You will just enjoy it!
Erica Albanese
Certified Living Foods Instructor & Chef
Advanced Practitioner of the Living Foods
He kills wildlife by the million in order to protect his
domestic animals and their feed. Then he kills domestic
animals by the billion and eats them. This in turn kills man
by the million, because eating all those animals leads to
degenerative and fatal health conditions like heart
disease, kidney disease, and cancer. So then man
tortures and kills millions more animals to look for cures
for these diseases.
Elsewhere, millions of other human beings are being
killed by hunger and malnutrition because food they
could eat is being used to fatten domestic animals.
Meanwhile, some people are dying of sad laughter at the
absurdity of man, who kills so easily and so violently and,
once a year, sends out cards praying for 'Peace on Earth.'
David C. Coats
Christy Zacker offers her expert skills combined with her
intuition and color therapy for a premium blend of holistic
design. She will help you create inspirational spaces in your
home that will allow you to manifest your Natural Life Design.
Rooms that intentionally inspire health and relaxation.
Rt. 46 and Salt Springs Road
Mineral Ridge, Ohio
Ph. 330-505-9005

KSPAZ Productions, a nonprofit organization
which delights in promoting musical artists
and comedians. The goal of KSPAZ Productions
is to enlighten the public concerning the
relationship between comedy and music as an
art and to enhance the mental and physical
health of this insightful audience. Part of my
philosophy of life is to bring enjoyment and
laughter to the world as a means of healing
and removing stress.

Richard Spasoff is the wonderful producer of our
Natural Living Design Show!
A Radio Ezine at its finest!
"Helping Sustain Life In An Emergency"
PH. 801.664.6664
A dietary supplement, meant for those
unpredictable situations where food may not
be readily available. In a disaster situation,
emergency preparedness is essential in
saving lives. A wilderness survival kit with
LifeCaps inside, is perfect for active people
who may find themselves in an
emergency situation.
For more information go to...
Trampolines for Sale | Benefits of Rebounding
The health benefits of rebounding. A helpful guide for those buying a trampoline
All About Trampolines