Pamela Burcsak
Lymphatic Reboundologist
.EFT.Energy Psychology Coach
Internal Motivator
Digital Author
As Life Style changes come and go
throughout our lives,
the ones that can enhance our quality and vitality of life,
are the most effective and exciting!
When you can see results...
You feel better!
Look better!
Perform at your best!
Having a well informed plan with effective guidelines,
help to take on a new mindset of consistency
and long range internal design.

I speak often of how powerful our choices are...
How these choices are reinforced by the
intensities of our intentions.
The intentions that are rooted in our belief systems.
We aren't just physical beings isolated from our
thoughts and emotions.
All of our Life Systems are designed to work well together,
simultaneously with each other in fine order.

The Life System you designed yesterday,
is what carried you to who and where you are today!

How happy with those results are you?

Did you know this "Life" system can be re-designed?

It Can!
Most do not bring into their lives,
the good solid information and guidance,
that will bring about change or correction of these
deeply developed patterns and HABITS.

An "Average" person may not be or feel as well as he could!
The average person may be aware of this and continue to nurture what has
just been acceptable. The inconvenience may be too great, or the person may
choose to remain unaware until the body reveals the disturbance.

"Disease" has been called,
"normal function gone wrong"!
It is function altered at the cellular level!
When we have a disease, or don't feel well, we have
something out of balance.
This is not the way we were designed to be!
Our normal function has been altered.
Something is off center!

Are we eating, thinking and living ourselves
into deteriorating health?
It is important to understand how we build disease, going from one stage of
inflammation to ever more chronic stages. If we do not take care of the initial
stage of inflammation, using corrective measures, we merely suppress our
symptoms, while progressing to more chronic states over time.

Endless Breath
Boundless Energy

Your first steps
to learning the life
giving benefits of
with the
Mini Trampoline!

from what isn't
live to thrive!
What is
What is a Life Coach?
A professional, who aids in active listening and guides you through your personal life transitional
session. The guidelines of Coaching, allow for the client to discover the obstacles in their life that are
waiting to be realized, released and restore, responsibly.

What is Life Coaching not?
It is not therapy and is not to be considered as such. It is a liberating life choice that can be exciting
to experience, with the aid of professional guided, active listening.

How many Lymphatic Rebounding Coaching Sessions do I need?
One hour of personal phone coaching is included with the Cleansing Combo with Coaching. This is
usually sufficient unless more is desired. It is recommended the you begin with body releasing,
before mind and heart . YouTube Video uploads, of your progress are also accepted along with your
instruction, if you are video capable. It is only recommended that you gain your instruction from a
qualified Lymphatic Reboundologist, on how to safely and properly be introduced to its wonders and
benefits, insuring a positive life long experience. EFT and Belief Transformation are a part of the
unified process of mind and body health in motion. It is a fascinating journey.

How many Life Transition Coaching Sessions do I need?
Of course each person is different. There is a minimum of 4 hourly sessions to begin your personal
life transitional sessions. E-Coaching is by appointment only and performed over the phone once
pre-purchased sessions through Paypal have been cleared and determined. Upon notice, you will be
sent an email by me to make your appointed session arrangements.

Coaching Services:
Coaching services are $50.00 per hour. Performed over the Phone, pre-purchased through Paypal
and appointed by email I will send upon notice received of your completed transaction.

Coaching Emails with any Coaching Service:
E-Coach emails are $5.00 each with all coaching services pre-determined. E-Coach bundles may
easily be purchased at anytime through PayPal, by increasing the quantity during your checkout
process as are the hourly sessions.
First Stage:
Life Transition
4 Hours $200.00

1 Hour $50.00

E-Coach Email:
Each  $5.00
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