BioEnergy Fitness with
Natural Detoxification and BioMatics...

Sharing with the world how to use the mat of the Mini Trampoline for
Life Fitness, as well beyond its standard use and purpose
for exercise and aerobics.
Safely learning the basic foundation and benefits of the Mini
Trampoline, as a compliment to health and vitality.
Life Mat Mechanics!
Fitness becomes a larger definition, when it comes
to how movement relates to our health.
Life Body Science combined with the life restoring
benefits of the zero gravity surface,
influenced today in astronautical training.
The Life Mat is not just for aerobics anymore!

So much emphasis is placed on the physical appearance of our bodies. And yes, this is the visual
result of dedication and sacrifice, BioBeauty in motion, no doubt! A great deal of pressure is also
placed on the Raw Bravado to propel the body intensely to produce. Well that is close, but can it
be improved upon to a greater, more efficient degree? Sure it can. We are beginning to
understand more and more about the relationship between being energetically fit and well and
being physically and athletically fit. The "BioEnergy Science" or Body-Energy Science, is coming
through the door and bridging the unrealized gap. Internal energy is a huge part of understanding
how the body functions even before product intervention is applied. But how much of the body is
naturally doing what it is prompted to do and how much is product intervention? Hum!
When the body is well prepared and mentally understood, "Natural" nutrio-product enhancement is
there to compliment the "Clean Circular Motion" of the body and mind in unison. Yes!
No matter if you are just starting to learn about becoming stronger, or have been in the business of
bodybuilding for years...Body Preparation is key for better results, no matter what your "Game" is.
What are you going to hear from me as a Lymphologist/Performance Coach?

Lympha-Sizing with BioMatics!

We start inside and work our way out.
We use the trampoline as a tool to work though every aspect of strength and health

First Phase of Rebounding for Life BioMatics
* Detoxification (Lymphatic)
* Balance (Core)
* Strength Building (Core)

Second Phase of RFL BioMatics
* Nutrition/Supplements
* Live Food Return
* Pain Management
* Oxygen Expansion
* Cardio
* Band/Hand Weight Workout
* Second Stage Core Body Strengthening
* Ab Workout

Third Phase of RFL BioMatics
* Weight Management
* Disease Reversal
* BioHealing
* Energy Unobstruction (Chi)
* Bio Breath Work
* Intentional Thinking/Releasing
* EFT and Belief Modification Introduction with the Mat
* Meridian Motivation
* Fun

How many ways can this little black mat be used to put the "Fit" back into Fitness...
There is no limit!
It's your all in one "Mat" station for full body release and restoration

Become Lymphatically Fit First! No Matter What Your Game Is!

Find your "O"!
Endless Breath Boundless Energy
First Phase Introduction to
Rebounding for Life BioMatics
Available in Ebook or Paperback Edition
This is where
you begin...