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Did you know that you
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been a natural born

Before you were born...
You were floating around
in a perfect "0" Gravity
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No matter what your game is...First become Lymphatically Fit!
Life and Coaching Support
Remember when you
bounced on your bed?
Clear Waters...
It was the day you were
told to stop, that your life
and health changed...
Until Now!
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This is not aerobic exercise in the first phase of
lymphatic rebounding, or learning
"How to Lympha-Size"
for your health and should not be considered as exercise,
(second phase), until one has lymphatically detoxed.
It is only recommended that you gain your instruction from
a qualified Lymphatic Reboundologist, on how to safely and
properly be introduced to its wonders and benefits, insuring
a positive life long experience. Here's to learning how to love
your breath along with your new and much improved self!

Coach Pam
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Endless Breath
Boundless Energy

Your first steps
to learning the life
thriving benefits of
with the
Mini Trampoline.
To recoil; to return to
order; to bounce back...
This is not only
significant to bouncing
or rebounding on the
mini trampoline.
internally, as a unified
motion, is ultimately
important when we
take our whole person
to the mat, not only our
physical body.

How do we use the mat
to keep our nervous
systems open?

What thoughts do we
bring to the mat, that
are in need of
new order?
Tap Away About
The Mat is a tool for many reasons. One of its
greatest benefits is support for personal health.
There are certain areas within the body that begin
to manifest their version of disorder within the cells,
that act and react according to their programming,
environment and nutritional support.
Becoming aware of what we impose on the infinite
branches of the Lymphatic System, many times
goes unnoticed. Unaware of the bodies deficiencies
within the cells that can become deprived of  
oxygen, energy and nutritional food.
Environmental toxins that collect within the Lymphatic System, are meant to be
moved away from the body, not be held in by antiperspirants that are designed
to block the aroma from the outside world. This imposes a tremendous strain on
the breast area. When the body is maintained in a natural state of daily
releasing, this internal aroma becomes less of an issue.
And Breast Cancer
It is like... Spraying air freshener on your rubbish to mask the aroma,
instead of taking the rubbish out to the curb! You wouldn't do this!
Why would do this to your bodies rubbish collector? Chemicals that
are not molecularly compatible, are then thrown in the mix of the
waste management system. This system needs to move in order to
release  what it has collected. If one is a slow mover, a consumer of
stress with no natural solution, unaware of how this can become a
carrier of cellular deficiency, restricted even further with the wearing
of wired, binding bras...
Suppression is in play.
So what does this have to do with the Mini Trampoline?
Anti-Suppression! A Natural Defense!
The black mat, can be one of the bodies best defenses against suppression of
the Lymphatic System. Where there is oxygen, cancer does not thrive as well.
When cells are energized and fueled properly in an environment free of toxic
filled lymph fluids, that are consistently managed with Lymphatic Rebounding or
Lympha-Sizing...This "Pro Health" plan is an active defense.

Learn how to begin to value the benefits of daily Lymphatic System
Management, with Lymphatic Rebounding known, as Lympha-Sizing!

Your body's best friend and defense against disease and deficiency!
Clear Waters...

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What are you

What are you

What are you

Arthritis is now the Number One Disability!
How many ways can the quality of our cells be tortured?
How much of this is reversible or avoidable?
When it comes to understanding inflammation and how it can be
carried throughout our bodies...
Knowledge is prevention!
Now, does it make sense, that by continuing to reduce the
quality of the environment of the damaged cell can
contribute to this painful result.
With a one million more to add in one year, to the current 48
million who already suffer from this disease, according to a study
published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
what could be better understood with the knowledge of how
inflammation rules over the cellular environment.
How can this environment be improved upon ahead of time to
reduce the damage response?
Certainly knowing how the Mat can contributes to the reduction
of inflammatory fluids would go along way to
improving this disorder in our country.


Is very much the same
guideline of returning
the mind and spine to
its best and
thriving abilities.
In no way does this site imply diagnosis or replacement of any healthcare relationship
you may have with your health providers.
We are not Psychologists, Psychiatrists, nor Physicians.
It is your responsibility and birthright, to make wise choices for your greater health and wellbeing.
Who am I Looking for?
Corporate CEO's!

Yes, you are my target!

Why should there be a
Mini Trampoline right next
to your desk!
Trampolines scattered all over
your company building!
In the employee breakroom!
Above all!!!
Why should "EVERYONE" of your
employee's become...
Lymphatically Fit!

Cellular Fitness today is one of the best
defenses you have to combat
Corporate Anxiety!
Dysfunctional Lifestyles!
Physical Illness!

All of these sneaky, behind the scene culprits, that are
draining the life out of you and the lives of your work
force, at an alarming rate!

This is not another exercise/wellness program...
This is the least expensive, fastest response, whole
body restoration system, you can possibly give to
yourself and your employee's!

Make them stronger, more functional, healthier from
the inside out.

If you want change...
Do something about it now!

Don't wait for the world to fix your problems...
Be different than any of your competitors!
Lead your people to a better place with an arsenal of
little black mats, that will change the course of your
company's destiny!

Within thirty days...
They will be different!
More natural energy!
More Oxygen and better Circulation!
Every cell in the body needs this, or will begin to
develop diminished health!

Stress is Trauma!
Trauma promotes inflammation throughout the whole
body, poisoning and weakening
every cell in the body!
Who are looking for longevity!

Who are concerned with the rising
cost of Health Care today!

Who are ready to reclaim company
profits that are being inhaled by
health care programs that just don't
work anymore!

I extend my gratitude and
appreciation to the devotion
and dedication of...
Dr. C. Samuel West, for his
work and vision with the
"Art of Lympha-Sizing"
and for the formulation of
the International Academy
of Lymphology.

And to my partner, Wayne
Hall, Master Herbalist and
fellow Lymphologist, for his
infinate wisdom, extended
vision and development of
the mat formula contained
in the...
Endless Breath Boundless
Energy Ebook.

We thank you for your
interest in wanting to know
more about how to improve
the quality of your breath,
energy and life.

Social Toxicity...


What do we need to learn from our experiences with what is changing our lives, as
most of us have known it to be over the years?

Attachments to stuff that we use to make us happy, that all but ends
up being forgotten...

That may be hard to swallow, but what have we abandoned to allow ourselves to be
so dependent on stuff. We have surrounded our homes and environment with
materials that have gone far away from their natural resources for the sake of
convenience and out of control commerce. Our bodies don't absorb this stuff and
neither does the planet. What has gone far beyond the true nature of what is
provided by this amazing planet. Why? So it would be faster, better, bigger. This is
an addiction that is very quickly making us toxic, exhausted, not any better, and
increasing our abilities to discover more ways to diminish our health, fast!

Giving our power up to others to make us sufficient!

Not Good!

Our bodies are not designed to take up into itself, what it doesn't recognize. It is not
programmed to do this. This is the result of what external influences our minds
allowed through the gate.

This is what the job of the Lymphatic System is designed to do...Carry away the
waste product the body no longer has a purpose for. Amazingly enough, it does not
have a pump of its own. You must be the pump.
Vertical movement on a "Zero Gravity"
surface, being very careful not to cause any inflammation is important.
Physical/emotional stress of any kind can prompt inflammation carried throughout
the Lymphatic System. Being aware of this is the first step...
Keeping it on the move, is the next.

Wake Up Dear Ones...

Before you develop a medical episode that will force you to!
Real Mouves

Make one of your own to
draw in and raise your
vibration above and
beyond what you have
typically accepted
as familiar.
By reconnecting to who
you really are and going
beyond who you have
allowed yourself to be
influenced by...
You can recorrect  your
visual vibration and begin
to remanifest your future.

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